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Designing to Sell

It’s Not Only About Aesthetics As an architect-turned-developer, I made one of the most difficult transitions in the profession of creating buildings. My architectural education and my years of practicing architecture on my own put a necessary focus on design.  Why else does someone become an architect?  That said, I also thought that I was paying […]

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Introducing Charing Cross

The Beginning Of The Next Condominium Boom? The rebirth of the Boston condominium market has to start somewhere and one developer is convinced that it’s going to start at 1501 Commonwealth Avenue in the Brighton section of Boston.   The Brighton Partnership for Community Reinvestment, a joint venture of Diamond Sinacori and Hart Development Associates, is […]

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A Tale of Three Sisters

The Clarendon, The W, and 45 Province It’s no secret that 45 Province*, like The Clarendon and The W, its two sister-projects (by way of demographics, pricing and, of course as evidenced here, association by anyone writing about any of the three), has struggled.  It’s also no secret that all three buildings came on the […]

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