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The 10 Immutable Laws of Condominium Marketing

With more than three decades of marketing condominiums, I feel as though I can speak with some degree of authority on the subject.  However, this is not a testament to what I’ve done right all of those years, but a function of all the things that I’ve done wrong and, hopefully, learned from along the […]

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The housing market begins it’s comeback… You can hear it whenever you talk to someone in real estate, be it an attorney, a broker or a developer. It’s generally a tentative question, asked softly so as to not be absolutely committal if the answer is, “No! Are you crazy?” But more and more, and ever […]

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Three Chickens and a Hippo

Gen X & Gen Y: The Future of Residential Real Estate in Boston When my daughter Annie was very young, she had a children’s book in which you were supposed to circle the thing that didn’t belong.  For example, if there was a drawing that showed a motorcycle, a car, a truck and a plane, […]

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THE RETURN OF THE SWAMI: Predictions for 2012

Due to popular demand (thanks, Mom), The Swami is back, gazing into the future to inform the true believers about real estate trends almost certain to emerge or flourish in 2012. Without further adieu and amid a growing avalanche of applause, here are 5 sure bets:  1. The Condominium Market Returns Two substantial condominium developments are […]

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Is an overheating rental market going to drive condo sales in Boston?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how “hot” the Boston rental market is. From articles in the Boston Globe about rents hitting all time highs in Boston to reports about how no improvement in rental affordability should be expected in the foreseeable future , the case has been stated: it’s not easy being a renter in Boston right […]

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Public Relations and Real Estate Marketing

Is It Worth It?  Can’t I Do It Myself?  And Who Is Lisa Nickerson? There are always questions surrounding the allocation of multi-family project funds for Public Relations. Is it necessary?  How has Public Relations been impacted by web-based marketing? This blog will address these important questions and, in doing so, will explore the value of […]

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3 Reasons To Love Brighton

And Why I Think It’s A Coming Hot Spot Brighton, you say?  Brighton?  Isn’t that where all the students live, piled in on top of each other and partying at all hours of the night?  Isn’t that the place where the elderly and just about everyone else complains about the partying?  And just where is […]

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Introducing Charing Cross

The Beginning Of The Next Condominium Boom? The rebirth of the Boston condominium market has to start somewhere and one developer is convinced that it’s going to start at 1501 Commonwealth Avenue in the Brighton section of Boston.   The Brighton Partnership for Community Reinvestment, a joint venture of Diamond Sinacori and Hart Development Associates, is […]

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The Final 5 Immutable Laws of Condominium Marketing

For those of you who follow these kinds of things, I recently posted a blog called 5 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF CONDOMINIUM MARKETING.  These included the following: Pre-Sales Are Your Friend Your Pricing Strategy Will Make Or Break Your Project Overlook Product Differentiation At Your Own Peril Local Brokers Are Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy […]

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Product Differentiation for Multifamily Developments

What is it?  Why and when is it important in multi-family marketing? To quote no less a source than Investopedia, Product Differentiation can be defined as: A marketing process that showcases the differences between products. Product differentiation looks to make a product more attractive by contrasting its unique qualities with other competing products. Successful Product differentiation creates a […]

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