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The 10 Immutable Laws of Condominium Marketing

With more than three decades of marketing condominiums, I feel as though I can speak with some degree of authority on the subject.  However, this is not a testament to what I’ve done right all of those years, but a function of all the things that I’ve done wrong and, hopefully, learned from along the […]

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Merrill Diamond (aka The Swami) Is Perfect With His 2012 Predictions

Anyone Want Some Lucky Numbers For Powerball? Not to be an “I told you so,” but if you review The Swami’s Predictions for 2012, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we’re dealing with a truly gifted prognosticator of all things real estate.  I would cite those very 2012 predictions that hardly require […]

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Nobody asked me, but….

It’s been a while since I posted a blog but, due to popular demand, I’m pleased to offer some musings about the state of the greater Boston real estate market…and some other things that happen to pop into my mind. 1.  The Condominium Market Is Back Tuesday’s Boston Globe demonstrated what we all now know:  Boston’s […]

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The housing market begins it’s comeback… You can hear it whenever you talk to someone in real estate, be it an attorney, a broker or a developer. It’s generally a tentative question, asked softly so as to not be absolutely committal if the answer is, “No! Are you crazy?” But more and more, and ever […]

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The Swami Doesn’t Like To Gloat, But…

Fresh from picking the winning number for the recent Mega Millions drawing (The Swami isn’t allowed to play for obvious reasons), The Swami is sitting back and reflecting on yet another prescient observation, one first noted by Boston’s most famous seer of all things futuristic. Recall The Swami’s notable prediction for 2012 entitled, The Condominium […]

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Three Chickens and a Hippo

Gen X & Gen Y: The Future of Residential Real Estate in Boston When my daughter Annie was very young, she had a children’s book in which you were supposed to circle the thing that didn’t belong.  For example, if there was a drawing that showed a motorcycle, a car, a truck and a plane, […]

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THE RETURN OF THE SWAMI: Predictions for 2012

Due to popular demand (thanks, Mom), The Swami is back, gazing into the future to inform the true believers about real estate trends almost certain to emerge or flourish in 2012. Without further adieu and amid a growing avalanche of applause, here are 5 sure bets:  1. The Condominium Market Returns Two substantial condominium developments are […]

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Public Relations and Real Estate Marketing

Is It Worth It?  Can’t I Do It Myself?  And Who Is Lisa Nickerson? There are always questions surrounding the allocation of multi-family project funds for Public Relations. Is it necessary?  How has Public Relations been impacted by web-based marketing? This blog will address these important questions and, in doing so, will explore the value of […]

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THE SWAMI Answers Your Boston Apartment Development Questions

Famous Seer Predicts Future of Boston Real Estate Move over, Carl Case, The Warren Group, Michael DiMella and other prognosticators whose solicited offerings on the future of the Boston real estate market and Boston apartment development have now been rendered irrelevant.  Yes, the Boston real estate scene has a new visionary, one whose previous success […]

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Geezer Attends BBJ’s 40 Under 40 Event

Apparently lured by the prospect of free food, developer and IGNITION Residential’s Merrill H. Diamond attended last week’s gala at The State Room for Boston Business Journal’s annual 40 Under 40 event.  Sources close to the organizers thought that Diamond looked confused and kept asking people where the 70 Under 70 event was being held. […]

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