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stoneleigh exterior


Marketing Challenge:
To convince the target market, “empty-nesters” from Dedham and the surrounding towns, to purchase residences in a former prison and to pre-sell 50% of the condominiums before construction began.

Project Description:
Located in the heart of Dedham’s historic Precinct One, the Old Norfolk County Jail is a magnificent granite structure whose earliest elements date back to the early 19th century.  Aside form the architectural significance of this facility, the jail is historically important for having provided temporary housing for Sacco and Vanzetti while they awaited trial in the 1920’s.  This development, the result of the developer’s designation resulting from an RFP process put out by the Commonwealth, consisted of twenty-four duplex-style condominium residences, with ancillary structures transformed into four additional condominium homes.  The entire site was landscaped to feature small “victory gardens” for residents and the creation of a public park which was given to the Town of Dedham.