The Sears Estate

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Marketing Challenge:
To encourage condominium buyers to eschew new construction in favor of purchasing a home in an historic estate building, one of the first such mansions to be converted to condominiums in Brookline and, as such, a new housing type when first marketed.
Project Description:
The Sears Estate was somewhat of a groundbreaking development effort, capitalizing on Brookline’s recent (at the time) recognition that the only way to save some of the Town’s historic architectural legacy was to allow large mansions and their appurtenant outbuildings to be changed from a single-family occupancy to multi-family occupancy.  In this instance, the mansion house was converted to five large condominiums and the rear carriage house was converted to one large condominium unit.  This approach became the paradigm for many other adaptive re-use and historic preservation projects that now typify the approach to saving once enormous single-family homes and bringing them into the 20th century.


The Sears Estate RemodlingJuly-2


The Sears Estate RemodlingJuly-3